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The Gateway Trust

Respect - Ambition - Integrity - Service - Equity

The Gateway Trust

We are a small and expanding multi-academy trust underpinned by a real sense of being ‘stronger together’.


We believe that we have an enormous commonwealth of knowledge, skills, and experience and that together, through positive collaboration and partnerships, we can make a difference to all communities within the trust.


We are ambitious for our pupils, our staff and wider communities, united in promoting high-quality learning experiences for all. 



The Gateway Trust is driven by a focus on ambition, inclusion and opportunity for all.


Our mission is to always improve…whether that is with regard to learning experiences for our young people, training and development for staff, or making sure we invest and update facilities, sites and learning environments to ensure the best possible experience for all.


Our mission is underpinned by the fundamental need for us to recognise and celebrate the unique nature of each and every school and community within our family of schools. 


Our vision is for all young people to achieve excellent outcomes, progress and attainment, through ambitious curriculum content, expert teaching delivery and robust assessment across all our schools.


The unique nature of each school and its community is recognised and celebrated through its character, culture and wider co-curriculum experiences.


The overarching umbrella of the trust should enable and facilitate each school to promote and uphold a unique character and culture. 

Children in Playground


The Gateway Trust is focused on the core values of kindness, trust, authenticity, ambition and pride.


 It is really important to The Gateway Trust that each school has their own unique values, specific to their school and their community.

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